Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy Where are youuu!

Hellloooo all you beautiful people! 
and to my ugly haters, fuck you ! :)
I've been terribly busy in RL! 
Work, Tournaments, Holidays, you name it! 
Not to mention Mists of I HOPE YOU REALLY LIKE DAILY QUESTS came out!
and I totally been sinking most my free time into that.
Oh lets not forget starting my own business up in RL! thats taking up a lot of time too!
But I plan to make a big come-back as soon as things settle down! 
Especially since I just spent the past 10 minutes deleting comments from a pedo.
Give me another month! and I'll be back to blogging regularly! 
For now thats all you beautiful people! :D 
and all you pedo's, and liars out there stop being ugly, and demanding attention! Its so much better to just be beautiful and let your inner self shine, than to attempt to troll and be ugly as shit! :D 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hewwooo all yew beautiful peoples! 
I'm sure you're wondering why I havent been posting daily.

WELL you see, amoungst fashion, breedable pets in SL are also Verrrryy important to me!
and theres this cute new breedable about to hit beta, and yours truely is in the beta

I've been preping all I can reading, planning breeding strats and so forth.

Not to mention with my RL interviews, auditions, and so forth I've been super busy there too!

But dont worry! I estimate I'll be blogging again on the regular by the end of the week :)


Thursday, August 16, 2012


What i'm wearing

Skin: Mia - Doll/Pale by Lara Hurley
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes (Crystal w1) by Mayfly
Hair: Natasha Platinum by Laviere
Nails: DP Prim nails by Dollee Pocket
Banaids: Bad aids by [J]uice[B]ox
Purse: Hime Cute Bag Yellow byBaby Princess
Necklace 1: Piper Necklace white/blk  by LacieCakes!
Necklace2: Posh Princess Inital Necklace by LacieCakes!
Necklace 3: Our princess (girls) byLacieCakes!
Anklets & Bangles: Cherry2 by LacieCakes!
Outfit: Lemonade Dress by Dollee Pocket

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day of the Diva

Sorry fellow kiddos! I didn't get home until uber late last night :3 
So I worked on something super hard for you all today! :D

Skin: Mia - Doll/Pale by Lara Hurley
Shape: Boxxy Shape Final by Me. (Not Available)
Hair: Shiki - Rye by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes Crystal (w1) by Mayfly
Necklace 1: Piper Necklace white/blk byLacieCakes!
Necklace 2: Posh Princess NL (B) (Pink) by LacieCakes!
Necklace 3: Our Princess (Girls) by LacieCakes
Anklets & Bangles: Cherry2 by LacieCakes!
Rings: Diva Ring SetLacieCakes
Bag: Baby Panda Side Bag by Razzberry Inc
Bandaids Band Aids by [J]uice[B]ox
Shoes: Light Up Sneakers Pink! by Baby Pie
Shorts: So Tweet Shorts by Forever young (Store Closed! :( )
Shirt: Day of the Diva by CyberStarz

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hey kid, do you really really really wanna go hard.

Skin: Mia - Doll/Pale by Lara Hurley
Eyes: Deep Sky Eyes (Deep Ice, w1) by Mayfly
Shape: Boxxy Shape final by me (NOT AVAILABLE)
Hair: Vivienne - Cat's Eye by D!va
Necklace 1: Piper Necklace (Chest) white/blk by LacieCakes!
Necklace 2: Posh princess NL (B) (Pink) by LacieCakes!
Necklace 3: Our Princess (girls) by LacieCakes!
Anklets: Cherry 2 by LacieCakes!
Nail Polish: Pink Nails by Baby Princess (Free on Market Place)
Bandaids: Bad Aids by [J]uice[B]ox
Purse: Hime Cutie Bag Hot Pink by Baby Princess
Outfit: HK Bubble GUm! by Dollee Pocket (MESH)
For some reason, this outfit makes me think Kreayshawn


Friday, August 10, 2012

Its Fwidayyyyy Agains! :D

I know its not St. Patricks day or anything but I lurveee dis outfit :D

Skin: Mia - Doll/Pale by Lara Hurley
Eyes - Deep Sky Eyes (Deep Ice w1) by Mayfly
Hair: Abbey - Blonde 07 by Elikatira
Necklace 1: Our Princess (girls) by LacieCakes!
Necklace 2: Posh Princess NL (B) by LacieCakes!
Necklace 3: Piper Necklace (chest) white/blk by LacieCakes
Rings: Diva Ring Set by Lacie Cakes
Nail Polish: Pink Nails by Baby Princess (Free on marketplace)
Bandaids: Band aids by [J]uice[B]ox
Earrings: Part of "Call me Maybe" outfit by Dollee Pocket
Outfit: Suga tooth/Green by CyberStarz
Mouthie: Clover Mouth (Part of "Olga Green" outfit) by Severed Garden

Its been a crazy busy week!

Hellloooo Lovelies! 

Its been a crazy, busy week for me in RL!
With appointments nearly everyday + class + working I havent had time to make a post!

BUTTTTT Expect one within the next few hours as I think I may have enough time to make a post!