Monday, August 13, 2012

Day of the Diva

Sorry fellow kiddos! I didn't get home until uber late last night :3 
So I worked on something super hard for you all today! :D

Skin: Mia - Doll/Pale by Lara Hurley
Shape: Boxxy Shape Final by Me. (Not Available)
Hair: Shiki - Rye by Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Liquid Light Eyes Crystal (w1) by Mayfly
Necklace 1: Piper Necklace white/blk byLacieCakes!
Necklace 2: Posh Princess NL (B) (Pink) by LacieCakes!
Necklace 3: Our Princess (Girls) by LacieCakes
Anklets & Bangles: Cherry2 by LacieCakes!
Rings: Diva Ring SetLacieCakes
Bag: Baby Panda Side Bag by Razzberry Inc
Bandaids Band Aids by [J]uice[B]ox
Shoes: Light Up Sneakers Pink! by Baby Pie
Shorts: So Tweet Shorts by Forever young (Store Closed! :( )
Shirt: Day of the Diva by CyberStarz

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