So, earlier tonight Im just hanging out at bloodlines, minding my own business, chilling with a few friends.. and what happens? 2 people come in, immediately one expresses how kid avi's creep him out, so.. I make it a point to tell him to de-render me and that idgaf. Here comes the pedophile sexual remarks, and masturbating anims right in my face, no matter where I go on the sim. 

Okay, bloodlines isn't responsible for that, they cant control what people do. But apparently, after getting a full convo log, and hearing about him being in my grill with a masturbating gesture, he still doesn't get banned. 

Instead, they suggest I use the Frontier sim as I'm a kid avi, and east is an adult sim. 

NO! I've been a kid avi since 2009, and been coming to East since 2009 to chill with a few of my friends that do play bloodlines, even though I dont and am not active in it. 

Bloodlines Liasons condone & obviously approve of pedophilia on their sim. 
Kids, if you're a bloodlines player, De-Liege and delete your hud! 
Send them a message, if you're not playing, and not hunting, and not buying huds and their sales are dropping, they might just take pedophilia on SL a little more serious!
Personally I'm selling off the remainder of my souls, and deleting my hud as well, I dont take kindly to people condoning pedophilia, especially a game as big as bloodlines. Honestly bloodlines staff, you should know better. 

[23:36] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): kid avis freak me out
[23:36] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): just saying
[23:36] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): cool, de-render me
[23:36] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): mmhmm
[23:36] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): ЇÐḠÅF
[23:36] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): I did already
[23:36] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): looool
[23:36] Pookie Pootawn is offline.
This is where blackheart changes his avi to pedobear.
[23:38] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): i will never derender you
[23:38] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): lol
[23:38] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): pedobear -.-
[23:38] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): you sound Canadian
[23:38] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): but you have demo feet
[23:38] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): um no
[23:39] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): ur a kid avi with an adult feet
[23:39] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): charming
[23:39] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): you're seeing things
[23:39] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): lol
[23:39] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): I got flats on o.O
[23:39] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): little girl
[23:39] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): you can't have anything other than adult feet
[23:39] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): how long can you hold your breath?
[23:39] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): LOL
[23:39] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): just asking
[23:39] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): -.-
[23:40] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): so
[23:40] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): you and me
[23:40] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): ★Ḡα¥ ッ ϟαü¢ℯ★
[23:40] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): let's get out of hear
[23:40] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): whaddya say little girl
[23:40] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): DON'T FUCKING STARE AT ME!!
[23:40] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): urao's retarded btw
[23:41] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): you should get a slutty ao
[23:41] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): LOOOOL
[23:41] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): ~Tнaт'$ a Pґётту A$$ноlє Уоц'яє тalкїй' Щїтн~
[23:41] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): and i can see you've been training with beads already
[23:41] ズ乇刀乙ノ乇 (kenzieesp): O.o
[23:42] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): karri are I bet you're a 50 year old man in RL
[23:42] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): totes
[23:42] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): loooool
[23:42] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): omg you're 5? that's impressive
[23:42] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): or a canadian guy
[23:42] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): Den bro that you?
[23:43] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): looool
[23:43] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): excellent choice of child bait
[23:43] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): nah
[23:43] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): yawn
[23:43] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): den's too lazy to touch himnself
[23:43] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): true
[23:43] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): yawning is good
[23:43] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): it stretches ur mouth
[23:43] Dominic Paragorn: -smh-
[23:43] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): true story
[23:43] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): soon you'd be likea boa
[23:44] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): karri
[23:44] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): hold my hand let's run around the town
[23:44] Dominic Paragorn: well i am grossed out.. have a good night all..except the sad little bear
[23:44] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): Oh look internet tough guys with RL social issues, its okay, thats why therapists have jobs.
[23:44] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): my balls ur face
[23:44] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): says the adult pretending to be a child?
[23:44] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): rich
[23:44] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): looool
[23:45] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): you got Michael jackson syndrome?
[23:45] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): Last I checked SL is a Massively Multiplayer online ROLEPLAYING game.
[23:45] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): but I might be wrong
[23:45] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): shrugs
[23:45] Charlotte Thirdborn: -_-
[23:45] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): you're always wrong
[23:45] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): just saying
[23:45] Ŧαρσlєσℵ (mikel.zeplin): yeah well he's RPing the part of a pedobear
[23:45] ßσxxץ тяιzσмυ (karri.kamala): idiots lmao
[23:46] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): anarchyyy!
[23:47] Ŧαρυςςiℵσ ツ (blackheart.stonesoul): want some candy kid?

Now this is all I managed to copy, before I started messing around with my hunted hud, which spammed my local, and I didn't want to copy / paste that to a liason that I was there draining everyone for another hud game, as Im sure it'd be rude to show  them I'm there playing another vampire hud game. No matter, what I did manage to copy, is still ridiculous. 

I'm well aware they were more than likely just trolling for the simple fact I was dismissive, and told them to just derender me, but the fact bloodlines condones pedophilia (note that Lyle (Bloodlines creator & 2 other  liasons) all decided to do absolutely nothing about the fact.

Feedback? Leave it in the comments below!


  1. This is terrible wow...some people are so rude, you did right by blasting them and then report them to LL.

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  4. Real mature Dennis! I've taken a lil hiatus from SL, and blogging! Nice to see you've wrote that on all my posts! Thanks for the hate though, only getting me known even more. As to the person saying I altered the transcripts. No, I posted a few gestures (which are included above) after they started on me in my defense. I'd like to see what you think I edited out. I included everything up until the liasons came in. I didnt include what my friend came in and said as it doesnt really pertain to the situation. Fact of the matter is pedos are being pedos and Bloodlines Liasons swept it under the rug. If you dont like child avatars, simply derender them! Problem solved.

  5. paolatrizomu & Boxxy --->

    We know you are fuckign eachother in Child Avs
    We Know you are against Bloodlines
    We know your whiney little Bastards
    If Life Upsets you,.,,,,,Try Fucking off k? or kill yourself


  6. Acceptance of child avi's as part of the SL dynamic is still a huge issue. Since I made my first child avi Feb 2009, I have worked diligently to increase acceptance of child avi's across the grid. It's an ongoing battle, although I have made some progress. My child avi is active in bloodlines and has been since 2009. I am extremely active on my adult avi as well. The fact that this was just brushed off by the liasons and nothing was done to this guy baffles and dissapoints me greatly. Bloodlines has reached the point of nothing more than a drama fest and I'm considering leaving it completely.