Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boxxy Boxxy Boxxy Where are youuu!

Hellloooo all you beautiful people! 
and to my ugly haters, fuck you ! :)
I've been terribly busy in RL! 
Work, Tournaments, Holidays, you name it! 
Not to mention Mists of I HOPE YOU REALLY LIKE DAILY QUESTS came out!
and I totally been sinking most my free time into that.
Oh lets not forget starting my own business up in RL! thats taking up a lot of time too!
But I plan to make a big come-back as soon as things settle down! 
Especially since I just spent the past 10 minutes deleting comments from a pedo.
Give me another month! and I'll be back to blogging regularly! 
For now thats all you beautiful people! :D 
and all you pedo's, and liars out there stop being ugly, and demanding attention! Its so much better to just be beautiful and let your inner self shine, than to attempt to troll and be ugly as shit! :D 


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